Friday, 31 August 2012

POS 21 : PLIANT 7"

PLIANT 's/t' 7"

A bludgeoning first release from these DCxMA dudes that do time in a hundred other brilliant bands including SKVLT, Veloz, Deathrats, State Violence etc. Every time this band gets mentioned it seems to be alongside His Hero is Gone as fairly accurate reference point. This is raging dbeat with enough blastbeats and pace changes to keep it fresh and the crusty, fast and angry guitars and vocals add to the crushing force. Not only does this sound great (who else are you going to get to record you when you live down the road from Dead Air/Will Killingsworth?!) but the artwork- done by band member Jeff 'Rites of Solitude' Poleon - compliments the nasty riffing perfectly.

Split relelease with Cricket Cemetery Records from the US.

Hear the record here on their Bandcamp.

Friday, 10 August 2012


Lich / Man Hands split 10"

10" split from these two Kentish bands. Lich offer a metallic wall of loudness and on the flipside is Man Hands with their catchy, riffing fastcore. CT625.
Split release with Adagio 830, Dingleberry and Win Htein.

Friday, 8 June 2012


Grinding Halt / Suffering Quota split 7"

A double offering from a couple of the Netherlands finest current bands. Suffering Quota have all the grind of Assuck and Phobia mixed up with some crust and breakdowns. Grinding Halt are also from Groningen and share members with SQ. This record adds to their already solid body of work as they are as blistering as ever with their chaotic blend of hardcore.
Artwork by Steve Larder and co-released wit
h Graanrepubliek Records (NL) and Give Praise Records (US)

Friday, 24 February 2012

POS 18 : Hexis 7"

Hexis 'X' 7"

Three tracks of nausea-inducing, face-melting savage brutality from these Danish punks. Constant thunderous drums, demented metal riffs and filthy vocals. They are devastating live and this record goes some way towards capturing their huge and overwhelming wall of noise. For fans of Shora, Thou, Deathspell Omega.

Split release with IFB, Orchid Scents, Pandabanda and Maximum Douglas Records.

POS 17 : Beau Navire / Republic of Dreams 7"

Beau Navire / Republic of Dreams split 7"

Two hits of chaotic hardcore from either side of the Atlantic. First up is the Bay Area's Beau Navire and their best recorded output to date. Great melodies along with alternate moments of violence and epicness. On the flipside is the first songs from the ROD project that is Jan and Sven from the now defunct Louise Cyphre and Lars from the Resurrectionists so you already know what to expect- frantic, fast, grinding, everything that is right about this kind of music. The new pretenders can go home, screamo is dead, long live the Republic of Dreams.

One of the best looking releases we've done as well- lovely die-cut covers and some copies on green vinyl. Split release with IFB, Pure Heart, Moment of Collapse and Inkblot Records.