Friday, 5 April 2013


Human Junk / Lich split 5"

Very relieved and happy to announce that this long planned split is finally out and available. Human Junk are one of the best fast bands around with shredding riffs, tight blastbeats and angry and incessant vocals. Lich provide a mix of ferocious grinding, sludgy riffs and chugging guitars. You know the deal.

Both bands are based in Kent and both sides of this were recorded by the very talented Jason Frye at his Son of Sun Studios in Margate.

Split release with our good comrades at Win Htein, Youth Camp and Destructive Nature.

POS 23 : JUNE PAIK 's/t' 12"

June Paik 's/t' 12"

Back in 2006 we released the first 12” for our friends in June Paik, now 7 years later they are back with a second LP and it does not disappoint. Recorded by the band themselves in their home village in Bavaria and mixed by hardcore luminary Will Killingsworth it is a record of epic proportions that delivers all you would expect from the band- emotion, tension and apocalyptic release with haunting melodies and malevolent vocals.

In a continuation of the spirit of friendship that has borne this label and all of our projects this is a split release with our dearest friends at React With Protest and Forged in Iron.