Thursday, 29 September 2011


PROTESTANT 'Stalemate' 10"

We are stoked to be able to help with this latest release from the US's Midwestern hardcore vets. Another release for POS and another poor attempt at summarizing our newest piece of heavy hardcore whilst resisting the urge to use the words: brutal, dark, raging, pummeling or all of the above. Protestant are as enjoyable as vitriolic, angst ridden hardcore can be. They play some of the solidest, most well executed metallic hardcore around mixing furious dbeats with dark melodies and ferocious vocals. Not only is it this record the aural equivalent of a punch to the head it looks really sweet to boot- handscreened chipboard covers and great insert booklets. For fans of Rorschach (doh), His Hero is Gone and Catharsis.
Split release with several labels including the guitarist's killer Halo of Flies label.
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POS 14 : VELOZ 7"

Veloz 'Sleipnir' 7"

When one of our bands played with Veloz in a Connecticut basement last summer we instantly fell for these dudes, barely a day passed since without us jamming their demo 7" and so when talk of new songs came about we immediately jumped at the chance to release it along with our BFFs at React With Protest. We dragged them over to tour with us at the start of the summer and we're still shaking in their wake months later.

Veloz are coming out of Boston, MA like a technical bulldozer. Some of the most solid, raging metallic hardcore around right now. Furious and unrelenting drumming, tech and blazing guitars and downright brutal vocals. Unadulterated furor packed into short, fast, ripping songs. Finished off by awesome cover art which completes the Norse theme. Tough music made by tough nerds.

There are splits with Lich (UK) and Divider (US) on the books for the future but in the meantime check out the other bands these dudes are involved with; Skvlt, Veld, Host, Capsule and more.

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