Thursday, 22 April 2010

POS 12 : Resurrectionists / Battle of Wolf 359 10"

This is the inevitable vinyl output from the friendship of these two bands. Released in time for the March/April 2010 UK tour.

Resurrectionists are from Germany and play pummelling, grinding hardcore as perfectly as you could hope to have it. Insane drums and eerie, driving guitars overlayed with guttaral and bloodcurdling vocals. Possibly their best songs yet? Delightfully brutal.

At the time of the recording BOW were based in Kent and London and blend a range of styles and influences into their own brand of raging, downtuned hardcore picking up where their LP of last year left off. The lyrics are as abstract as ever with nihilistic reflection on enviromental, personal and politcal issues.

Split release with our friends in Asymetrie, Moment of Collapse, React With Protest and 7 Degrees.

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